Payouts Schedule
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When Snackpass partners are onboarded, the default payout schedule that is configured for you is a daily schedule.

To see your payouts, navigate to Dashboard > Reports > Financial > Payout History:

Daily Policy

When will I receive my payouts, on the Daily Payout Policy?

  • The Snackpass payout is initiated 1 day after your day of earnings

  • You should receive your payout 3 to 4 business days after your day of earnings

On the table below, we exemplify what is described above:

When will I receive payouts for sales that happen on the weekend?

Payouts that fall on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will be initiated the following Monday, and you should receive the payouts on the following Wednesday. This means you will receive three payouts on the same day.

Weekly Policy

The second payout policy Snackpass offers is weekly payouts. If you're a partner on the weekly payout policy, your payout schedule works like this:

  • Sunday is the last day of earnings for this payout policy.

  • Tuesday is the day the payout is initiated.

  • Thursday is the day you should receive your payout.

Daily Policy Vs Weekly Policy

How can I change my payout schedule?

As a Snackpass partner, you can request a change in payout policy at any time, from daily to weekly or vice versa. It is important to point out the following:

  • A daily policy will switch to weekly on the Monday after it is set.

  • A weekly policy will switch to daily on the Tuesday after it is set.

    On the Tuesday that the daily payouts go into effect 2 payouts will be initiated: one for the previous week and one for Monday. These payouts will reach your account on Thursday.

If you wish to change your payout policy, please contact our support team at (866)-868-21-46, reach them via email at [email protected] or through your Snackpass partner app.

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