Self-Serve Promotion Builder

A quick and easy promotion builder right on your dashboard

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The Self-Serve Promotion Builder is your new go-to place on the Restaurant Dashboard to create powerful marketing plans to drive sales, increase brand awareness, and build meaningful relationships with your customers.

The builder can be accessed under the Promos tab on the left hand side of your Dashboard. Here are some highlights of what you can do on this page:

  • Use the Custom Builder on the top right corner to create a new promotion from scratch with plenty of customizability with regards to target audience, platform, start and end date, and more

  • Use one of the Shortcuts to more quickly create a popular promotion type, such as BOGO, Happy Hour, etc. You can still create these using the custom promo builder, but it just may take a little bit longer!

  • View all created promotions along with useful details such as creation date, end date, and usage on the bottom of the page

  • Toggle promotions between active and inactive

[IMPORTANT] As of 8/23/23, Party Mode and Referral type promotions are still under construction and should be available very soon! If you are unfamiliar with these types of promotions, below is a quick explanation for each:

  • Party Mode - allow users to unlock discounts when they order together with friends on the Snackpass app

  • Referral - allow users and the friends they refer to your store to both unlock discounts upon referral. Think credit card referral programs!

If you would like to create any of these 2 types of promotions in the meantime, or have any questions about how to use the new promotion builder, please contact our Customer Support team to do so. You can text or call them as always at 1-866-868-2146.

Below is a guided walkthrough on how to navigate every aspect of the promo builder.

Happy Snacking!

Guided Walkthrough Videos (click the link to watch):

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