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Installation: Internet setup for printers
Installation: Internet setup for printers

In order to connect the Snack printers to the internet through ethernet or SDP (server direct print), follow this process

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If you have any trouble following the below setup process, please contact the Snackpass customer support team at +1 866 868 2146 (call) or message us using the Partner App!

Printer guide

Epson L100: The Snack label printer

Epson M30-II-H: The Snack receipt printer

Pre-setup checks

Before starting the WiFi dongle setup for SDP Printers, please check the following:

  1. Attempt to install the printer over ethernet (this is the preferred internet connection method). If the printer cannot be connected over ethernet (for any reason), move on to the next step

    1. Confirm that the ethernet cable is properly connected to the router/switch port and the printer

    2. Ethernet internet setup is now complete

  2. Make sure the serial number is registered in the restaurant RDB devices page

    1. If the serial number is not registered, open the restaurant dashboard and navigate to the “store devices” tab on the left side of the screen

      1. Click on “+ Add Device” on the top right of the screen

      2. Type in the printer serial number located underneath the rear cover of the printer

      3. Provide a name for the printer

      4. Click submit

  3. Open the rear casing of the printer and confirm that the printer has the WiFi Dongle fully inserted



    1. If the WiFi dongle was not pre-installed in the printer (for printer upgrades and replacements), please make sure it is inserted as seen in the picture above. Any other configuration, will not allow a proper internet connection

    2. Unplug all ethernet cables from the printer. If the ethernet cables are still attached to the printer, the device will not be able to be configured with the WiFi dongle

  4. Confirm that the printer roll is correctly inserted into the printer


  1. Plug the printer into a power outlet

  2. Download the TM Utilities App from the App Store (The application must be downloaded on a device with an accessible and working camera)

  3. Turn the printer on

    1. Wait for the WiFi LED light indicator to turn solid blue

    2. A small receipt will then print (L100 printers receipt will print with a QR code)



    3. DO NOT throw this receipt in the trash until the end of the setup process

  4. If the receipt did not print:

    1. Repeat step 1-3, if the receipt now prints, move to step 5

    2. If the receipt still does not print:

      1. Turn off the printer

      2. Locate the SW button on the back of the printer and hold down

      3. While continuing to hold down the SW button, turn the printer back on

      4. Retry network setup starting at step 3

    3. If the printer is still not printing the receipt, contact Snackpass customer support

  5. Open the TM utilities (epson) application

    1. Tap on WiFi setup wizard

    2. Select the correct printer type (Either M30lI-H or L100)

    3. For L100 printers, scan the QR code that printed out on the receipt in the previous step

    4. Ensure that the device with the TM utilities (epson) application is also connected to the same WiFi network (you might have to exit and go to settings to connect)

    5. Select the WiFi network

    6. Select WPA2-PSK for Password Security Type

    7. Enter the WiFi Password

      Warning: Note: You have less than 30 seconds to input the SSID & Password. If you take longer than that, the app will show an Error and the process will need to be repeated

    8. Select Auto (DHCP) for the connection method.

    9. Wait until the settings are pushed.

    10. A new IP address will now print out

      1. Confirm it is different than on the first receipt

Your internet setup should now be complete! Run a test order and see what those printers can do!

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