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Installation: WisePOS E setup guide (BETA)
Installation: WisePOS E setup guide (BETA)

Mount and setup your Snackpass Smart Reader following this process

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If you have any trouble following the below setup process, please contact the Snackpass customer support team at +1 866 868 2146 (call) or message us using the Partner App!

WisePOS E Guide

Connecting The Card Reader To The Register

Setting Up The Plastic Dock

Connecting The Card Reader To The Register

We’re first going to work through unpairing the existing card reader and connecting the new card reader to accept purchases. Then in the second part of this guide, we’ll walk through how to charge and mount the card reader.

  1. Unbox the WisePOS E

    1. There will be a power cable (USBa to barrel jack). Set this aside for now. You may need this later depending on the type of dock we’ll install.

  2. Turn on the WisePOS E by holding the power button on the right side of the device

  3. While the WisePOS E is turning on, go into the Register App Settings → Network Settings → Note the network name that the register is connected to

    1. Confirm that you have the password to connect to that network name. We’ll need this for the next step.

    2. If you do not know the network password, you should not continue to the next step until you have the password.

  4. While in the Register App, go to the Card Reader tab and forget any existing card reader that may be connected by Bluetooth or USB.

  5. Connect the WisePOS E to the store WiFi. This is done by

    1. Swiping from the left edge of the screen to the right

    2. Tap on the Settings button

      1. If prompted for an admin pin, enter 07139

    3. Navigate to Network and connect to the same WiFi that the D3 is connected to

  6. There is a new card reader connection method you may not have noticed before, the “Internet” tab. This connection method is only for the WisePOS E card reader.

    1. Click on the Internet tab which is to the right of the “USB” tab

    2. Click on Find A Device

    3. Wait until you see a card reader with a name starting in WSC pop up

    4. Tap on the blue Connect button

    5. Once the device is connected, tap on the continue button

  7. You should now be in the normal Kiosk view of the app. Go ahead and place a test order to confirm the card reader is working correctly. You should notice the WisePOS E displaying items as they are added and removed from the cart, as well as tips prompt being displayed on the card reader instead of the register.

That’s all you need to get the card reader connected to the register. Next we’ll go through installing the WisePOS E dock and supplying power to it.

Installing the WisePOS Plastic Dock

Your existing card reader should be receiving power from the bottom the underside of your register. We’re going to unplug that card reader from power and swap in the power cable for the card reader.

  1. Unbox the plastic dock from it’s box. You’ll see the dock and a USBc to USBa cable. You’ll need to use both in this part of the guide.

  2. Lay the D3 register onto its back so that the Super Charger on the bottom of the device is visible.

  3. Unplug the USBa cable from the Super Charger that would normally charge your card reader. Set the cable to the side. We won’t need the old card reader cable for the rest of the guide.

    Removing the old card reader

  4. Grab the USBc to USBa cable that you unboxed in step 1, and plug in the USBa side to the Super Charger.

    USBa to USBc from the box

    Plugging the USBa side of the new cable into the Super Charger

  5. Plug the USBc side of the cable into the bottom of the plastic dock.

    1. Rest the plastic dock back onto the counter

    Plugging the USBc side of the cable into the plastic case

  6. Place the WisePOS E into the cradle of the plastic dock, and push firmly on the four corners of the device

    1. You will see the charging indicator (upper left corner above the screen) turn on and the battery icon on the screen should show a charging symbol (lightning bolt)

  7. Stand the D3 register up.

Your setup should now be complete! The card reader will charge when in the dock, and can easily be removed when you have a need to do so.

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