Replacement: Model B3 monitor

To replace the main monitor on the Model B3, follow the guide below

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  1. Unplug the cables from the model B3

    1. Depending what it is being used for and how it is connected to the internet, the power cable, card reader cable, &/or ethernet cable should be unplugged

    Note: the monitor above is flipped upside down on the mount to show the cables

  2. Unscrew the screws from the back of the monitor (4 screws - put these away for later use)

    Note: hold the monitor while unscrewing to avoid the monitor from falling down after it is no longer secured

  3. Remove the monitor

  4. Align the replacement monitor with the mount and screw in the 4 screws from the previous step, tighten all 4 screws

  5. Plug the cables back into the replacement monitor

  6. If applicable, connect your card reader to the device, following this guide

  7. To register the device to your store, follow this guide

  8. Tidy up the cabling so that it will not get caught or snagged and is as hidden/neat as possible

Your replacement is now complete!

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