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Installation: S700 setup guide (BETA)
Installation: S700 setup guide (BETA)

Installation guide for S700 Smart Reader from Stripe

Updated over a week ago

If you have any trouble following the below setup process, please contact the Snackpass customer support team at +1 866 868 2146 (call) or message us using the Partner App!


Connecting The Card Reader To The Register

  1. Unbox the S700

    Note: There will be a power cable (USB-C). Set this aside for now as it may needed depending on how the S700 is docked

  2. Turn on the S700 by holding the power button on the right side of the device

  3. While the S700 is turning on, go into the Register App Settings → Network Settings → and note the network name that the register is connected to

    1. Make sure the network's password is available. This will be required to connect the reader to the chosen network

      1. If the network password is unknown, do not continue to the next step until the password is obtained

  4. While in the Register App, go to the Card Reader tab and forget any existing card reader that may be connected by Bluetooth or USB

    1. Go to the Kiosk/register application settings

    2. Click on Card reader

    3. Click on Connect new card reader

    4. Click on Forget reader

  5. Connect the S700 to the store WiFi

    1. Swiping from the left edge of the screen to the right

    2. Tap on the Settings button

      1. If prompted for an admin pin, enter 07139

    3. Navigate to Network and connect to the same WiFi that the Register is connected to

  6. Click on the Internet tab which is to the right of the “USB” tab

    Note: This connection method is only for the smart card reader and cannot be used for any other type of reader

    1. Click on Find A Device

    2. Wait until the card reader with a name starting in S7... show in the Discovered Readers section

    3. Tap on the blue Connect button

    4. Once the device is connected, click on the Continue button

  7. The S700 will now display items as they are added and removed from the cart, as well as a tip amount prompt being displayed on the card reader during checkout.

Your setup should now be complete! Run a test order and see what that card reader can do!

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