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Installation: Order hub setup guide
Installation: Order hub setup guide

Setup your Snack orderhub following this process

Updated over a week ago

If you have any trouble following the below setup process, please contact the Snackpass customer support team at +1 866 868 2146 (call) or message us using the Partner App!


  1. Unbox the tablet

  2. Turn the power on using the power button

  3. Connect to the internet

    Note: The orderhub does not support an ethernet connection, the device must be connected over WiFi

  4. Connect the charging cable. If the charging cable is not long enough, use an extension cable.

    Note: Lenovo tablets have a battery protection mode that is sometimes toggled on. This will prevent the charging to exceed 60% and will stop showing the device as charging. The purpose is to prevent battery degradation (If desired, to toggle this off, go to the tablet settings)

    Warning: if the tablet is unplugged for extended periods of time, the device will lose power - Snackpass recommends that the device is plugged in at all times to avoid any device downtime

  5. To register the device to your store, follow this guide

  6. Find a location for the orderhub

    Warning: Avoid locations near hot surfaces & locations that will come in contact with moisture

  7. Place the countertop stand in the desired location

  8. Place the tablet on the countertop stand

  9. Tidy up the cabling so that it will not get caught or snagged and is as hidden/neat as possible

Your setup should now be complete! Run a test order and see what that orderhub can do!

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