Snackpass Verification Code

Having troubles finding your code? Look no further!

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When you first log in on a new device, when uploading sensitive information, and periodically after you've logged in, a verification code is sent to your email, as an important security step! Here's a guide on how to find it, if you're having trouble.

Is this code not showing up in your main inbox? Please go through steps below!

Step 1: Checking your Spam and Trash Folder

Even if it's found in spam, we recommend setting a filter so you don't miss any other message from us in the future! See Step 3 for more info!

It might be just a click away, if you check your spam and trash folders. It might vary depending on your email provider; in general, it can be found on the left side taskbar: you might have to unfold a few options to get to it. Here's an examples of how it might look:

Step 2: Not there? - Targeted Search

Make sure you're using the native app or website for your email provider. Apple's mail app, for example, might filter out some emails.

Please use the search bar on your email provider's site or app, and type one of these two lines, without the quotation marks

  • "In: all Snackpass Dashboard Verification Code" - If this is the code you got after trying to log in

  • "In: all Snackpass Payouts Settings Verification Code" - If it's the one you're asked for when you accessed the payouts tab.

    Please watch the video below for a more clear visual demonstration!

Step 3: Still not there? - Whitelisting

If your code is still not there, you might have to whitelist domain. The way this is done varies by provider, but it will most likely involve creating a rule, filter, or saving a contact. Please look for a guide on your email provider's support documentation how to whitelist an address. Once the domain is whitelisted, please ask for another code and check your inbox. This will also ensure future messages are not sent to Spam anymore!

Still not finding it? Please take a screenshot of Step 2 yielding no results and Contact Support at (866) 868-2146 or at [email protected]

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