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Click the links below to view helpful and simple tutorials on how to use the Dashboard page on the Snackpass Restaurant Dashboard.


Running a report on the Snackpass restaurant Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the toolbar on the left and click on “Dashboard”

  2. Click on the filter buttons at the top of the screen to edit the way the data is filtered

  • The first filter button will change the time frame of the reports. It has a calendar icon.

  • The second filter button will change the channel of the order - you can select from App, Kiosk, Online Order, or Integration. It has a funnel icon.

  • The third filter button will change the source of the order - options include Snackpass, UberEats, DoorDash, and other Third Party delivery platforms. It has a funnel icon

  • The fourth filter button allows you to select the payment method that the customer used to pay for their order. It has a credit card icon.

4. Once you have set your filters, the report below will repopulate to show the data with the selected filters applied.

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