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Customer Inquiries & Issues

When to handle an issue in restaurant, and when to pass to Snackpass

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When you or the staff at your restaurant need to get in touch with Snackpass Support, please follow the instructions below:

For technical issues, outages, or urgent needs please call, live chat, or email using the contact information for Snackpass provided to you at the time of your onboarding.

What if a customer needs to get in touch with Snackpass?

Customers of your restaurant can contact Snackpass at [email protected] or via the live chat on the Snackpass app. Please do not provide customers with other contact information, as the Snackpass technical support team is not able to assist with customer issues.

When should a customer get in touch with Snackpass?

A customer should get in touch with Snackpass if there was a technical issue with their order, such as an order that was double charged on the app, or missing points from their account.

What should I do if a customer wants a refund? What if a customer has a complaint about their order?

Remember that refunds, discounts, and user complaints should be handled by you and your team in person or by using the Guestbook in the Snackpass Dashboard. This gives you total control over your own refund policies!

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