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How do I update my menu in Snackpass?

Updating your menu in Snackpass is self serve and simple. Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to update your menu. Please note that Snackpass Technical Support Agents are not able to make menu updates on your behalf. This is to ensure the integrity of any sensitive information (pricing, tax rates) entered into your store.

What size photos should I upload to my Snackpass menu?

Recommended Dimensions: 4:3
Recommended Size: 800x600
Recommended Type: .jpg, .jpeg, .png

Once you make an update to your menu on the Snackpass Dashboard, your Snackpass kiosk will begin to reflect the changes the next time it reaches the splash screen. The updates will reflect in about 60 seconds. This means that if a customer is mid-order when the updates are made, they will not see the changes reflected. They will be able to complete their order without interruption. After the order, when the kiosk returns to the splash screen, the menu updates will begin to process and will reflect within one minute.

Can I update tax rates on my menu in Snackpass? Can I update the tax rate of individual items on Snackpass?

Yes! You can update tax rates on your menu and on individual items in Snackpass. Please watch our menu tutorial video to learn how.

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