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Installation: Model A4 Setup Guide (Kiosk Gen 2)
Installation: Model A4 Setup Guide (Kiosk Gen 2)

Install and setup your Model A4 (Standing Kiosk Gen 2) following this process

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If you have any trouble following the below setup process, please contact the Snackpass customer support team at +1 866 868 2146 (call) or message us using the Partner App!


  1. Unbox the Standing Kiosk. Remove the pole and small accessories box. Remove the top foam insert - it will be used to assist with the assembly process

  2. Remove the base plate cover on the bottom of the base and place the base plate into the pocket of the foam. Align the opening hole of the base plate to the channel on the foam

  3. Place the pole onto the foam channel and push the pole into the base plate until no unpainted metal is exposed. The pole may need to be rotated to allow for this (look for the alignment feature on the pole).

  4. Fully tighten the 4xBM3 screws to secure the pole to the base

    Warning: ensure that the pole is tightened securely to the base and no unpainted metal is exposed

  5. Connect the cable from the pole into the base plate (This cable is what supplies power to the display)

    Warning: ensure the power connector is latched securely

  6. OPTIONAL: See below for instructions on removing the base feet - this will allow for ease of mobility while the kiosk is on its wheels

    Note: Snackpass recommends leaving the rubber feet attached for stability in most restaurant configurations

  7. Snap the base plate cover back on and gently lift by the pole to put the stand upright

  8. Prep the monitor - remove the dust cover, unscrew and remove the port cover and attach the card reader plate to the two top screws on the display - tighten the screws slightly (final screw tightening will occur at a later step)

  9. Hang the screen assembly (screen + reader plate + 2 pre-attached screws) to the two top slots on the screen mounting panel of the pole. Use PMW4*9 screws to tighten screen to the pole. Now fully tighten the top 2 screws as well.

  10. Connect the cable from the pole to the display

    Warning: ensure the power connector is latched securely

  11. Replace the pole cap cover. Align the arrow symbol on the pole cap to the dot on the pole mount (There are magnets that will help with alignment)

  12. Remove the tape on the top of the pole and adjust the kiosk to your preferred height (Optional: Secure the included straps to the pole - this will lock the kiosk height into a specific orientation)

  13. Place the kiosk where you would like it to be in your store

    Warning: When lifting the kiosk, lift from the pole & base, NOT the monitor - lifting from the monitor can permanently damage the product

  14. Once the kiosk is in the preferred location, plug the power cable into a 120V outlet and the other end into the base of the kiosk - The monitor will power on by itself (if it does not, press the power button found on the back of the monitor) & the LED on the base will turn green

    Note: Use an extension cord or power strip as needed

  15. When prompted on the screen, connect the device to the internet:

    Note: The preferred connection method is an ethernet connection but WiFi will work as well

    1. For an ethernet connection - route the ethernet cable from the router to the kiosk and plug it into the 'LAN' port

    1. For a WiFi connection - follow WiFi prompts shown on the screen

  16. Unbox the card reader and its cable. Mount the card reader on the card reader mount and plug the cable into the card reader. Route the cable to the back of the monitor and plug into the appropriate port

  17. To register the device to your store, follow this guide

  18. To connect the card reader to the kiosk/register, follow this guide

    Note: The A4 only ships with the M2 card reader, M2 card readers MUST be connected over bluetooth, the USB connection will only keep the device powered and charged

  19. Tidy up the cabling so that it will not get caught or snagged and is as hidden/neat as possible

Your setup should now be complete! Run a test order and see what that kiosk can do!

OPTIONAL: Removing the rubber feet

  1. To remove the rubber feet from the kiosk (and make use of the attached wheels) and allow for additional mobility, put the kiosk on its side (this is best done before Step 7 in the setup process while the kiosk is still on its side)

    Warning: Be careful when laying the kiosk on its side to not cause any damage to the kiosk

  2. Unscrew the 4 rubber feet from the base

  3. Now continue with Step 7 of the setup process - lifting the device by the pole and placing the kiosk upright

Product Guide



(Found at the bottom-side of the main display)

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