Kiosk Reward Redemption

Allow your customers to redeem their rewards right on our self-serve kiosks

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How does it work?

Before kiosk rewards, users earned reward points on every purchase but had to download the Snackpass app in order to redeem those points. While the Snackpass app is still powerful in helping you with acquiring new customers through social ordering, with kiosk rewards, we're now giving your customers the opportunity to participate in your store's loyalty program directly in the store. Customers can view and redeem their rewards during checkout on the kiosk, creating a more personalized in-store ordering experience that offers the same reward benefits as our app.

Here's how it works:

  1. Customers enter their phone number during checkout as they usually would during a normal checkout process

  2. If they have enough points to redeem a reward, they’ll see a screen with all reward options at that store along with their points balance.

  3. Customers can choose from the following options:

    1. Use a reward on an existing item in their cart,

    2. add additional reward items to their cart

    3. Save their points.

  4. If the customer chooses to use the reward on an existing item in their cart, Snackpass will apply it to an eligible item in their cart that provides the customer with the best deal.

  5. The customer pays using the applied discount. The discount will be accurately reflected on both the receipt along with their order history on your Restaurant Dashboard.

How do I turn it on for my store?

To turn on kiosk rewards, go to settings (Store Settings → Platforms → Kiosk → Kiosk rewards) and toggle on the “Kiosk rewards” setting.

Your store might want to exclude specific phone numbers from your rewards program. For example, many of our partners give customers a dummy phone number for those who can't provide their own at the kiosk. We highly recommend those phone numbers to be added to the Rewards phone number blocklist (Store Settings → Platforms → Kiosk → Kiosk rewards → Rewards phone number blocklist) to prevent misuse.

Of course, please ensure that your store has an active Rewards promotion first. To participate in Snackpass loyalty program and allow customers to redeem their points for rewards, go to the Promos tab on your dashboard and select Punchcard Reward to create rewards options. You can set rewards to be a free item or dollar ($)/percentage (%) off particular categories, items, or any item in the customer's order.

For partners with multiple locations on our platform (chain-wide points)

Please kindly contact our support team to turn on chain-wide punchcard feature for your restaurant chain so points can be earned at any location in your chain and rewards can be redeemed at any location.

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