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Installation: Model G4 setup guide (wall mounted kiosk)
Installation: Model G4 setup guide (wall mounted kiosk)

Install and setup your wall mounted kiosk following this process

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If you have any trouble following the below setup process, please contact the Snack customer support team at +1 866 868 2146 (call) or message us using the Partner App!

Package contents

Kiosk Monitor - 21.5" or 15.6" (1) , Wall Mount (2) , VESA mount (3) , Card Reader plate (4) , Thumbscrews (5) , Card reader (6) , Cables (power cable, card reader charging cable, ethernet cable)


  1. Determine the location you would like the monitor to be placed on the wall - consider factors such as the viewing angle, height, and accessibility

  2. Align the VESA mount with the mounting holes on the back of your monitor. Secure the VESA mount (but do not tighten fully) to the monitor using two of the four thumbscrews provided by screwing on the top 2 monitor screw holes

  3. Using the two slots on the card reader plate, slide the plate left behind the mount. Insert bottom 2 thumbscrews and tighten all 4 screws

    1. If using a 21.5" Monitor, use the top sliding slots on the card reader plate

    2. If using a 15.6" Monitor use the bottom sliding slots on the card reader plate

  4. Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs or use the provided drywall anchors if mounting on a non-stud location (Not recommended but mounting is still possible). Mark the position for the wall mount accordingly using a pencil/marker.

    • Drill Pilot Holes:

      • Take a drill and make pilot holes at the marked positions on the wall.

      • Ensure the pilot holes are of suitable diameter and depth for the screws provided with the wall mount.

    • Attach the Wall Mount:

      • Align the wall mount with the pilot holes and secure it to the wall using appropriate screws.

      • Tighten the screws firmly, but be cautious not to overtighten and damage the wall or mount.

    Warning: If a Snackpass technician is conducting the install, they will skip step 4 - Snackpass installers will not drill into walls

  5. Lift the monitor with the attached VESA mount and clip it into the wall mount. Ensure it locks securely into place. There will be a clicking sound once the 2 pieces are properly locked into place

  6. Adjust the tilting & rotating sensitivity by using the provided "L" shaped tool to tighten or loosen the set screws on the right side of the wall mount & monitor bracket.

  7. Connect the power cable to the kiosk and then to a 120V wall outlet - the device will power on. If it does not power on, hold down the power button for 3 seconds

    Note: use a power strip or extension cord as needed

  8. Remove the card reader from the box. Slide the card reader onto the mount, there will be a slight click when it is in place. Route the card reader power cable and plug it into one of the USB ports and then plug the USB-C end into the card reader

  9. Internet connection:

    Note: The preferred connection method is an ethernet connection but WiFi will work as well

    1. For an ethernet connection - route the ethernet cable in the same manner as the power cable and card reader cable and plug it into the ethernet port

    1. For a WiFi connection - follow WiFi prompts shown on the screen

  10. Once connected to the internet, the device will open the Snackpass welcome app

  11. To register the device to your store, follow this guide

  12. To connect the card reader to the kiosk/register, follow this guide

  13. Tidy up the cabling so that it will not get caught or snagged and is as hidden/neat as possible

    Your setup should now be complete! Run a test order and see what that kiosk can do!

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