Create and edit employee profiles, time cards, and more

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The team tab on the left side menu on your restaurant dashboard is a pretty useful tool for employees management.

The team tab allows you to:

  • Create and edit employees / users.

  • Manage employees / users permissions.

  • Organize and manage time cards for your staff.


In this section, as previously mentioned you are going to be able to manage your employees by creating and editing their profiles.

In order to create a new user, you're going to click on the Users tab under Team and then select the upper right button that reads ''Add User'

Once you click on the above button, you will be prompted to a pop up window where you will have to configure several information. The first part of this, is the basic information of the new user or employee you're adding:

The second part is the settings:

  • Wage: This will allow us to properly calculate their correct wages on their time cards.

  • PIN: This field only accepts 4 digit entries. It is important to know that, if you want your staff to have a PIN for clock in / clock out purposes or for them to perform specific actions on the register, a phone number must be added in the basic info section.

The third part refers to permissions. In this part we have a set of preset configured permissions you can choose from

By choosing either one of the above, you will have a specific set of permissions enabled, however, if you'd like to customize permissions on your own, you can do se by checking the boxes you want to grant permissions too on the list below

Once you select the permissions, you can hit the save button on the bottom right, and the new user will be created.

Important to notice that the only permission you won't be able to change on your own is the Payouts one. You need to contact our support team at [email protected], through your partner app, or at 1-866-868-2146, as it requires a stricter security flow.

Time Cards

Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance is Snackpass' proprietary employee time clock software. Once the employee profiles are created and employee PIN requirement is turned on, your employees are now ready to use their PIN to clock in and clock out on the Order Hub. They have to go Settings, and at the very top click on Attendance

Once they click on Attendance, they will be asked to enter their PIN number

After entering their PIN, previously assigned during the creation of their profile, they will be prompted to clock in

After their shift starts, they can perform other actions such as paid break, unpaid break and clock out.

All of these actions will be recorded under the Time Cards tab under Team.

Time Cards Actions

You can perform four type of actions in the time cards tab:

  • Add a new time card from scratch by clicking on the upper right corner black button that reads ''+ Time Card''

  • Export a CSV file of the time and attendance data by clicking on the upper right middle button ''Export''

  • Edit or deleting an existing time card by first expanding on the employee, then clicking on an individual time card.

  • Access your time and attendance settings by using the upper right left button that reads Settings:

Once you're logged in, you will see you can manage pay periods, shift breaks, overtime rules, and more

Once you finish all of these changes, do not forget to click on Save on the bottom right corner.

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