Installation: Printer Setup guide

To install a printer into the Snack ecosystem, follow the below guide

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If you have any trouble following the below setup process, please contact the Snackpass customer support team at +1 866 868 2146 (call) or message us using the Partner App!

Printer guide

For additional information regarding your printer, please see the user manuals linked below

Epson L100: The Snack label printer

Epson M30-II-H: The Snack receipt printer


  1. Place the printer in the desired location on or below the counter

    1. For TM-L100: Install the rubber feet on the bottom of the printer in the four corners indicated by the rectangular sections.

    2. For TM-M30II-H: No rubber feet need to be installed

      Rubber feet installation location for L100
  2. Assemble the power cable by plugging the two cables together at the power brick

    Printer power cord assembly
  3. Remove the back plate(s) to connect the power cord

    1. The TM-L100 has a single plate that needs to be removed

    2. The TM-M30II-H has two back plates that needs to be removed

  4. Remove the backing plate by placing your fingers in the opening located at back/bottom of the printer and pull away from the printer

    Note: Do not pull too hard to avoid damage to the printer, very little force is needed to remove the plate

    M30 Back plate removal


    L100 Back plate removal


  5. With the back plate(s) removed, plug the power cord into the printer

    1. For proper alignment, when plugging the power cord into the printer, have the flat face at the end of the power cord facing outward with the arrow pointing towards the power port

      Plugging power cord into L100 Printer


      Plugging power cord into M30 Printer


      1. If connecting to the internet through an ethernet connection, insert the ethernet cable at this time

      2. If connecting to a cash drawer, insert the cash drawer cable at this time

  6. Plug the opposite end of the power cord into a power outlet

    Note: Use an extension cord or power strip as needed

  7. After connecting the printer to the outlet, if the LED panel on the printer lights up, the printer is on.

    1. If the LED panel does not light up, press the power button on the printer



  8. For connecting the printer to the internet: follow this guide

  9. For a cash drawer installation: follow this guide

  10. Follow directions below to place the backing plates back onto the printer.

    1. For TM-M30II-H: Line the top of the backing plate up with the flat part on the top/back of the printer. Fit the cords into the opening at the bottom of the plate and press the plate in

      M30 back plate installation


    2. For TM-L100: Insert the prongs on the top of the plate into the two slots at the top/back of the printer. Fit the cords into the opening at the bottom of the plate and press the plate in

      L100 back plate installation


Note: Your printers are shipped to you with a paper roll already installed. Once that paper roll is finished, you will need to replace with a new paper roll

Your setup should now be complete! Run a test order and see what those printers can do!

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