Rewards for Online Ordering
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Snackpass Rewards are now available to users via Online Ordering. Below is a step by step walk through of how it works:

  1. Your store's online ordering home page will show the user’s punchcard balance. This is the total number of points the user has earned by making purchases at your store.

    If your store has chain wide feature enabled, they will see their chain wide points.

    (Note: the user has to log in to see the points. Additionally, if yours store doesn’t have any reward promotion this section will be hidden)

  2. Near the points the user can click "Reward Options" to see all the available reward promotions

    (Note: the user has to be login to actually redeem their points for rewards)

  3. After selecting a reward promotion, the user will be prompted to select an eligible menu item (the discounted rewards price is shown near the original price) and then user can customize the selected menu item (if it is a customizable item).

  4. On checkout screen, the user can view which Reward they used, how many total points they have, and how many points they used to apply the reward promotion.

  5. The reward promo details will show up in the smart receipt as well.

  6. If the purchase is refunded, the user’s points stays deducted and the Reward become an unused Reward on the user's account.

    Note: For the moment, unused rewards that are the result of a refunded purchase can only be seen and redeemed in the Snackpass App.

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