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Installation: Model D4 & B4 Setup Guide (Snack Duo & Countertop kiosk Gen 2)
Installation: Model D4 & B4 Setup Guide (Snack Duo & Countertop kiosk Gen 2)

Install and setup your D4 (dual screen) or B4 (single screen) following this process

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If you have any trouble following the below setup process, please contact the Snackpass customer support team at +1 866 868 2146 (call) or message us using the Partner App!


  1. Unbox the kiosk/register and place onto the desired countertop location

    1. In the box there will be the kiosk/register, the power cord, card reader, card reader charging cable, card reader mount and an ethernet cable

      Note: if any of the above items are missing from the box, please contact Snackpass customer support

  2. Remove the cable cover from the base

  3. Route the power cord through the hole inside the base and plug it into the power port

  4. Plug the other end of the power cable into a 120V wall outlet

    Note: use a power strip or extension cord as needed

  5. Remove the card reader and the card reader mount from the box. Slide the card reader onto the mount, you should hear a slight click when it is in place

  6. Route the card reader power cable through the hole, plug it into one of the USB-A ports and then plug the USB-C end into the card reader

    Note: The ports are labeled on the device and also shown in the diagram below

  7. Hold down the power button (found on the back of the register-side of the monitor) until the register's screen powers on (power button will light up blue and a graphic will appear on the screen)

  8. Internet connection:

    Note: The preferred connection method is an ethernet connection but WiFi will work as well

    1. For an ethernet connection - route the ethernet cable in the same manner as the power cable and card reader cable and plug it into the 'RJ45' port

    1. For a WiFi connection - follow WiFi prompts shown on the screen

  9. Once connected to the internet, the device will open the Snackpass welcome app

  10. To register the device to your store, follow this guide

    1. Make sure to enable Register Mode in the restaurant dashboard if using as a register

  11. To connect the card reader to the kiosk/register, follow this guide

    Note: The D4 & B4 only ship with the M2 card reader, M2 card readers MUST be connected over bluetooth, the USB connection will only keep the device powered and charged

  12. To connect a cash drawer, follow this guide

  13. Hook the cables behind the cable hooks inside the base

  14. Put the cable cover back onto the kiosk/register and situate the card reader in the desired location

    Note: Make sure the cables are tucked behind the cable clip and centered where the cable cover hole is located or the cover will not close properly

  15. Tidy up the cabling so that it will not get caught or snagged and is as hidden/neat as possible

Your setup should now be complete! Run a test order and see what that kiosk/register can do!

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Note: The B4 (single screen) model will not have the customer display


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